This site is a collection of pictures that are available for use by bloggers and other website creators.

Some of the pictures are also available in very large file sizes, 50+MB, for use in print-based advertising. Please contact me directly for more information.

I have been a professional photographer from 1977 and have worked for newspapers and magazines all over the world.

I use Canon cameras and lenses. My current equipment is a 5DS-R, which I use when output quality is paramount and when it is easy to transport. It’s a very heavy camera when coupled with the EF lenses. The quality is excellent.

Most of the time when I am travelling light I use an EOS M6 and its dedicated EF-M series lenses. As most of my output is now seen on screen, this provides the best compromise between weight and quality.

Some of the pictures have also been taken on a Samsung phone. For many bloggers, this is of acceptable quality.

I shoot in RAW and all pictures are then processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.